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Monday October 20th - 8:00pm


Cherub Baby

Wrist cuff, head piece, rosette: created by me

Dress: Rococo Soul

Stockings: Celeste Stein

Saturn Necklace + Cherub ring: Starlight deco dream

Shoes: an*tai*na

Gloves: junk for joy 

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs

Eyes: Sugar pill sparkle baby + Urban decay naked 3 

Lips: Base nyx cosmetics + occ anime

I wanted to posr really nice pictures of this look not just some ok cell pics!

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Tuesday October 7th - 6:11pm


"A merchant, who had three daughters, was once setting out upon a journey; but before he went he asked each daughter what gift he should bring back for her. The eldest wished for pearls; the second for jewels; but the third, who was called Lily, said, ’Dear father, bring me a rose.’ Now it was no easy task to find a rose, for it was the middle of winter; yet as she was his prettiest daughter, and was very fond of flowers, her father said he would try what he could do. So he kissed all three, and bid them goodbye.

And when the time came for him to go home, he had bought pearls and jewels for the two eldest, but he had sought everywhere in vain for the rose; and when he went into any garden and asked for such a thing, the people laughed at him, and asked him whether he thought roses grew in snow. This grieved him very much, for Lily was his dearest child; and as he was journeying home, thinking what he should bring her, he came to a fine castle; and around the castle was a garden, in one half of which it seemed to be summer-time and in the other half winter. On one side the finest flowers were in full bloom, and on the other everything looked dreary and buried in the snow.”

— excerpt from “Lily and the Lion” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

coat, dress, rose bow: Victorian Maiden

necklace: Innocent World

parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

rose bow corsage: Moss Märchen

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Thursday October 2nd - 11:00pm

 Kira Imai

 Kira Imai

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Monday September 15th - 3:42am


OOTD from the cat tea party at Fairytale boutique. 

JSK: AP Cameo Window

Shoes: Mojo Moxy

Accessories: Forever 21 + Locket Ship belle Cameo, modcloth purse, bodyline socks

Head piece: Created by me

Lace over skirt: Created by me

It was so hot I was about to melt!!! The LA heat is no joke!!!

I also really want to step up my coordinate game. ;)

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Saturday July 19th - 11:00pm


Dress: JEJ


écailles De LuneThis is my new design, coming soon in this month! 

Photographer: Kid

Model: Kinyo

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Wednesday June 25th - 11:00pm


A lolita’s kimono.
Price: 40,950 YEN

Source: KERAshop

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Monday June 23rd - 11:00pm


Dress:Victorian maiden

Bolero:Mary Magdalene

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Friday June 20th - 5:05am


Like these photos? 

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Tuesday June 17th - 1:51pm

Darian snapped a sneaky pic of me and Steph laughing at something she was showing me- We were pooped after a fun ILD picnic (*‿*✿)

Darian snapped a sneaky pic of me and Steph laughing at something she was showing me- We were pooped after a fun ILD picnic (*‿*✿)

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Saturday June 14th - 11:00pm

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