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Wednesday August 28th - 12:09am



Moms & kittens.

Preeeecious baaabies

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Friday August 16th - 11:20pm


This time, it’s not latte art. It’s marshmallows.

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Thursday August 15th - 10:40pm

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Thursday August 8th - 4:13am


Dog Finds A Tiny Kitten, Risks Everything To Save Her

Animal control officers in Anderson, S.C., thought that a barking shih tzu was stuck in a ravine. Turns out, she was there nursing and protecting a tiny abandoned kitten she had found.

Photos/caption via BuzzFeed

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Wednesday August 7th - 3:42pm


My perfect little lady ✿


My perfect little lady ✿

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Saturday August 3rd - 11:20pm



If you were having a bad day, here are some kittens in a bathtub.

never have I ever seen kittens calmly swimming in water

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Sunday July 21st - 11:51pm



anon request

uuuguUUUU that roxy n jane wow!!!

awww omg

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Saturday July 20th - 11:20pm

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Monday July 15th - 12:59pm



mother loaf chirping to tipsy babies

i thought this said “meat loaf chirping to crispy babies” 

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Wednesday June 26th - 5:53pm


Cute Arctic Fox Pups

The arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox or snow fox, is a small fox native to Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is common throughout the Arctic tundra biome. Arctic fox babies are called either pups or kits. The Arctic fox is an incredibly resilient animal that can live in temperatures as low as -59° F and as warm as temperatures we experience in Southern California.

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