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Thursday July 31st - 11:00pm


winter solstice & summer solstice

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Wednesday July 30th - 11:00pm


Striped Icebergs

Icebergs sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of ice deposited on different conditions. Blue stripes are created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with meltwater and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form. Green stripes form when an iceberg falls into the sea and a layer of water rich in algae freezes onto the bottom.  Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea. 

(Photos: Antarctica Series by Steve Nicol)

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Tuesday July 29th - 11:00pm

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Monday July 28th - 11:00pm


By Chloe Giordano, easily one of my favourite artists of the moment, stitching the most incredible, stunningly beautiful little woodland critters in perfect illustrative detail. I want to buy that little mouse with all my heart.

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Monday July 28th - 9:12pm

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Monday July 28th - 9:03pm

The Jeweled Skeletons were originally found in catacombs beneath Rome in 1578, and distributed as replacements under the belief they were Christian martyrs to churches that had lost their saint relics in the Reformation. However, for most, their identities were not known. The receiving churches then spent years covering the revered skeletal strangers with jewels and golden clothing, even filling their eye sockets and sometimes adorning their teeth with finery. Yet when the Enlightenment came around they became a little embarrassing for the sheer amount of money and excess they represented, and many were hidden away or disappeared. Koudounaris tracked down the dead survivors. [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

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Sunday July 27th - 11:00pm


Affection by Afghan Puteh


Affection by Afghan Puteh

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Saturday July 26th - 11:00pm


Scottish Highlands

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Friday July 25th - 11:00pm

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Thursday July 24th - 11:00pm


Painting details ღ Pink period dresses
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